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WhoKers in the Winter League 2016
By: Ink - February 15th 2016
Headstrong into the Competition

WhoKers, formerly GoMayhem, is not a set of new players to the AVA scene but appear to be the remnants of a past top contending team. It seems nearly all of GoMayhem's past talent has shifted to different teams in the new year. It will be up to this WhoKers squad to establish their own reputation in the Winter League.

Can you provide a summary of WhoKers' (formerly GoMayhem) history for those new to the scene?

GoMayhem is a clan that was created by iGuerilla, a dutch player. For a few years goMayhem was one of the best EU team, with some good ESL/IeSF cups. The clan has had some strong players like Guerilla, GodHawk, iLyBullet, and Manghost in the past.

What is GoMayhem's current roster and each player's role?

After some testing and a few ESL cups we decided that the line up would be me (iNorqi), ShaiydeN, Julio, ShelbyRose and iNoway. We don't have a real role, it depend to the map and the enemy team. The main scope is Shelby but the last cup, Noway was a really strong scope too. Julio is a main rifle. Me and ShaiydeN can play Pointman or rifle. If we can push fast a bomb site, we can play with 2 Pointman. Korroc is our sub.

WhoKer's being dealt with by FirePizza.

What is the current purpose of the WhoKers team? Are you seeking to be a top contending team?

The main goal of the team is to stay one of the best EU team. We have strong players and if we practice, I'm sure we can finish top 5 every ESL cup.

At times, WhoKer's performance has been very strong, and other times, very weak. Where would you place WhoKer's current strength compared to these previous rosters?

It is hard to keep a really strong team when some others teams are created on AVA like FirePizza. We tried some rosters, some guys on the clan, some people left the clan recently but in my opinion, we got a nice team at the moment. For sure we can't be strong like the old goMayhem's team but we are doing our best to be one of the best team.

The Winter League is quite different to the regular ESL events. What do you think of the Winter League thus far? And, has it had any impact on the competition in AVA?

The Winter cup is a really nice cup, people like me love to play competitive cups. The rewards are cool but in my opinion ESL cups need sponsors, more rewards like keyboard or mousepad. Like wekeeeD said, it is hard to judge a cup which hasn't started yet. I hope this cup will have an impact on AVA, the atmosphere is really cool. If more people are motivated, there will be more prizes, more fun and more cups!

GoMayhem is in Group C. There's been discussion this is the easiest group to get out of. Do you agree to this statement?

I will not lie, yes, Group C is the easiest but we are not the best team, every one has a chance to get to Playoffs.

For sure, you have teams like FirePizza with strong individual players, and teams like ThugsInPJs with upset potential. How is GoMayhem preparing for these matches?

We are going to train a lot. The last cup, we took 7-­0 against firePizza. We are going to take revenge. We know it's gonna be really hard but if we practice and we found some tactics we can beat them! ThugsInPyjamas is a really fair team. I like play against them. They play together every day so we must be careful. Like I said, every one got a chance. So we are going to practice for every match to have the best chance of winning.

Is GoMayhem prepared to play Bo5 series, as we have seen the map pool of GoMayhem hinder their performance in the past?

Bo5 is really long. For many of us, we never played a Bo5 in ESL so it's gonna be hard. We must be tough to not lose some rounds or maps because we are tired.

What does GoMayhem hope to achieve in these seasonal leagues and in 2016?

The first achievement is to finish first in group C. If we qualify, I aim for top 5. We do this the last cup so we can do it again! 2016 can be a good year for us, I hope we keep the same line up, because I know If we play together too many times, after some months we can compete with Celsia, Global, TeamRH...:D Keeping the same team is for me an achivement.

Any final shoutouts?

Shoutout to the Canadian Kamykazz, Xu, BadDaddy, MythSky and everyone who helped me for some reasons. Good luck to all teams who participates to the Winter Cup.

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Responses have been slightly edited for grammatical clarity.