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SyroN on the Winter League 2016
By: Ink - March 4th 2016
Breaking the Barrier

SyroN has transformed their image as a match channel stereotype of Portuguese players to a real threat in the competitive A.V.A scene. The team has had many roster moves, and boasts the largest roster of any top team. None of this stopped the current roster of taking second in their group, and securing their spot in the playoffs of the Winter League.

ColdBreeZ stepped up to give us insight on the status of team SyroN. From the team's latest victories, their future challenges, and how they're viewed in the community, Cold takes us on a vitalizing tale!

How did SyroN form, and what is the history of the team?

Well, this started long ago in an old clan called ZoNeD (4 years ago, I feel Old). Anyways, the clan leader at the time was lStewiel and the best Portuguese team was KineticZ and second best was Lusitanos. His idea for the new clan (ZoNeD) was to take some of his old friends that he already played with and recruit all other Portuguese players that were on an average level. The point to evolve as a team and to be at least as good as Lusitanos. So I (ColdBreeZ) and Stereopony (we are very good friends) got an invitation from lStewiel to do a tryout. R4GE, Chuck, and Bilboy for instance were already in the clan, and we had to prove that both of us were capable to play in ZoNeD on the main team. We entered the clan and we made part of the main team. St4k, unfortunately is not able to play ESL due to hardware issues, was our main Scope and now he is a very good rifle that we would like to bring to ESL, but he needs a new computer. Metti joined a few weeks later.

At that time we were not playing as we do now, so we stayed like between 2nd and 3rd best Portuguese team because KinectiZ were too strong (they had Devilleet). We didn't think too much about ESL back then, it was way too difficult for us to beat most European and American teams. After some time lStewiel quit playing AVA, ZoNeD clan was bugged, and since we were playing better and better we decided to form a new clan. We took R4GE as our leader because he was one of the oldest members of ZoNeD. This new clan was named Syron. We started having decent ESL placings. We took a top 6 finish and one time a 2nd place when KineticZ members joined us; Devillet, Lucky and Rizumic. With this new members, and with Billboy playing like a beast as a scope, we were able to win against many top teams and that was where we started to look at AVA in a competitive way. Believing that yes, if we play as a team we might win some APs hehehe.

To finish, I have to mention that in the meantime, during these ESL results, Morango and Witrez joined us and with time Morango evolved to be a very good player despite some of the bad things that people say about him. Touvis only joined us in the last CCS. We saw some potential in him and since Billboy was not able to play due to personal reasons we made him our main scope. Now Billboy is back and they share this function rotating between them. I think that more or less I've summed up the clan history. We say a lot that this is a family clan. We share much of our personal concerns with each other and this is what makes us very united. Of course we sometimes recruit new members, some stay, or others leave. But we have a core that never leaves and those are the real Syron.

What is the full roster and the role of each player on the team?

Well, I think that everyone has already noticed that we are a big clan. Some members are in the clan because they are good friends with us and like to play the game for fun. So I will only speak about the members that take the game in a more serious and competitive way.

Everyone knows that two of our biggest players at this time are Chuck and Morango. Unfortunately, Morango got a "time-out" from ESL so we have to play without him. That's why I joined the main team in the Winter League, otherwise it would be him playing and we would be even stronger (or not because I, ColdBreeZ, play better as a team player than him xD). So to summarize this, the competitive roster is: Chuck, Billboy, R4GE, Touvis, Morango, Witrez, Metti, avo1d and rEnAtOPT (new members) and me (ColdBreeZ). The other guys in the clan don't like to lose but are either not able to play ESL or are more or less, not at the same level as the rest. St4k is a different situation as I mentioned before, he is a very good player but with his current hardware he is not able to play in ESL.

So as you can see we have a pretty extensive number of players trying to play in ESL. This is both good and bad because we know that in order to be a better team in ESL we should focus in a max of 6-7 members, but for now we are happy to stay like this. Speaking about the role of each other in the team, we don't have real roles, it depends on the map and the enemy team. But dividing this by AVA classes I can say that avo1d, Touvis and Billboy play mainly as Scope, Metti, Witrez, Morango and rEnAtOPT are good with Rifle, me and R4GE play as Pointman or Rifle rotating through these two classes depending on the map or team.

SyroN managed to take 2nd in the group by defeating Hollows and Gorgeous. Was SyroN expecting to beat these teams, or was there concern that SyroN may not be able to secure victories in these games?

To be honest we were very confident since the beginning that we were going to pass as 2nd in the group. We played against these teams in match channel, and we knew that we had the necessary team play and skill to win against these two teams. Global on the other hand is on a completely different level, we knew that if by any chance we won a game against them it was probably due to a little luck in the mixture. xD Both matches were difficult, although we've won 3-1 against Gorgeous it was not that easy.

Against Hollows we played overconfident in the beginning and this almost cost us the match. They are very good individually and also as a team. We were not in any way expecting this kind of resistance. So we had to focus more and more to be able to win against them. Our strategy passed by rotate the 6th player according the maps he was best in.

ColdBreeZ, BillBoy, Lasanha, Miz, Stereopony, and Rizumic.

Global was next. The match turned out to be a complete annihilation of SyroN. What could SyroN have done differently to win one map, or even much more rounds than the 11 they secured?

First, yes it was a complete annihilation no doubt about it, but please bear in mind that we were also the team that won more rounds against them in the group. Well, Global is a team that plays very well both individually and as a team. Don't forget that they won a trip to play in Japan which means that they are in a completely different level from us. We would have been able to secure more rounds of Global if R4GE didn't choose Fox Hunting as our first map. You see, he chose Fox because he though he was banning a map hahaha. So we didn't win a single round in Fox and this was disturbing for us. I think that with a mixture of luck and if we had prepared ourselves some tactics we could have won more rounds or even a map, maybe in Black Scent. But as I said, it is very difficult to win against Global, they are an outstanding team and they are very consistent.

SyroN had a lot of doubt from the community, but have definitively proved any doubters wrong. How does it feel to be redeemed and command an official top 8 team credit?

This feels like a "prize" for us because we were always being depreciated and bashed in the Match Channel as well as on Aeria forums. Many people even think that we hack but guess what we don't! We don't hack and we do not support in any way hackers. This was a very good opportunity to show to everyone that we are good players. Some of us like me (ColdBreeZ) are only average players individually, but working as a team we can make a difference. Of course being able to count on Chuck that is a beast in 1v1 situations is even better, but our main quality is being able to play like a team. So I hope that this brings some good attention to us and also that some people change their opinions about us.

In the Playoffs, you're taking on FirePizza. FirePizza is the most likely team to falter to a team outside of the established top 4. Is SyroN capable of defeating FirePizza? Are there any specific concerns, like the map pool, a Bo5 series, or being able to compete on par with FirePizza?

I think that if we play well as a team and choose carefully the maps we have a good chance against FirePizza. In my opinion, the odds are 50%-50% because we have in general a better team play than them simply due to the fact that we play with each others for a long time. What FirePizza has better than us is players that are extremely good in 1v1 situations like ManGhost, Zeq, or Misiiek. So I really think that it will be a very tight match and probably one of the most interesting to watch.

If SyroN were to beat FirePizza, they will have to play Celsia in the SF. How does this effect your mentality for the Quarter-Final match, knowing it can only get much more difficult, even if you win?

We don't think like that. Our objective is to play as best as we can respecting our adversaries. If we do this we can play heads on against any team, always playing for the win. If we beat FirePizza we will be in the top 4 and able to play for the 3rd place if we lose against Celsia. Of course it will be very difficult for us or FirePizza to win against Celsia because they are a TOP team and the final will almost certainly be Celsia vs Global, but we have a chance if we reach SF, a tiny one but still better than zero! xD Also, even if we lose we will be very happy because we will be in the top 4 in front of great teams like Gorgeous, Hollows, Nefaste, and this is extremely positive for us.

What are your thoughts on the Winter League and the seasonal event format in general?

As you already mentioned it, this league was very important to us to prove that we are indeed a good team with legit players. The format of the league, apart from the best of 5, is very good. Being able to schedule a match to the most available day for everyone is great. Also events like this are great for us and also for the game itself, making it more alive and more competitive.

Any final shoutouts to your fans or supporters?

Shoutout to everyone who support us and like us as players. Also Timmy, you owe a €500 fee to Team Syron for taking Devilleet away xD We will try to continue doing good games and bring glory and joy to all Portuguese and supporters of Syron.

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Responses have been slightly edited for grammatical clarity.