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RokaHeat in the Winter League
By: Ink - February 4th 2016
Finding Their Ground

Despite RokaHeat's underwhelming efforts in 2015, that lead to highly variable placings, the team is back this year with a new focus. A different roster, a changed perspective, and much more could very well constitute RokaHeat as an entirely new team. We stole WekeeeD away from the team's usual practice routine to shed light on how RokaHeat was going to be different this time around.

RokaHeat has been around for awhile, but has never really made their mark. What is RokaHeat going to try and achieve in 2016?

So far we were pretty inactive and unable of having a main team since someone would always stop playing the game. For 2016 we will try to keep the main line up, which we just recently built, practice as a team, work on our team chemistry, and make use of our individual potential to attain any LAN tournaments and gain an exciting trip to a foreign country.

RokaHeat was unable to break into the big top 3, and with Andromeda no longer around, there is open space for new teams to claim. How will RokaHeat combat the new teams that have sprung up, like FirePizza, to break into the definitive top 4?

The last tournament was a disaster since we kept switching players during the whole tournament. However, we made a rather satisfying 4th place. For the upcoming tournaments we hope to face a lot of strong teams, more than just the current top teams. We hope other teams will also start practicing and make AVA a more challenging game for everyone. Each of our players desire to get better day by day but in order to achieve that we need to play against opponents who can defy us. By training hard and working on our team and strats we hope to make our way to the top (well, who doesn't).

RokaHeat's performance is clear.

What is the current roster of RokaHeat, and what role does each player fulfill?

The current roster would be Keibell, Captus, and RockyMemo as rifles, naKaz and our sub player i5pawN as Pointman, and wekeeeD as our scope. Depending on the conditions each one of us can change their class to whatever suits them most. We didn't have roles up till now because we want all of us to be able to play each one of them. But we will eventually change that.

How would you describe RokaHeat's play style? Is it an aggressive, fast pushing style, a more passive approach, or something inbetween?

Up until now we have been changing our play style depending on our opponents, however the strats we usually used were mostly random and without a correct structure, since we never made proper strats which we could use in serious matches.

What does RokaHeat think of the Winter League, its format and prizes?

It's hard to judge the tournament since it has barely started but so far we were unable to enjoy it at its fullest. Besides the fact that our main team couldn't play together apart from the two last maps of the tournament, and Saturday had to be cancelled due to AVA servers being down. Subsequently many of our players had problems staying up so late on Sunday because just like many other teams, work and school called for them the next day. The format seems interesting to us. Seems to be the same as ICC apart from the international teams. Prizes are always enjoyable but we hope to see more impressive prizes later on like for example keyboards... :-D

RokaHeat earned a top seed in the Winter League group stage. What do you think of your group, will you have any trouble with the teams in Group A?

We definitely won't take our group lightly. We faced a lot of situations in which we have been surprised by opponents after underestimating them. Hopefully it won't happen this time around. To be honest we haven't played against any of those teams so we do not want to make any false judgment but as for their individual players we have seen a few of them play really well, like Ziippy, Spexity, PeekMe or iCyrex. Our goal for Group A will definitely be to win this with the most amount of points possible.

Who do you think has the hardest group to make it out of?

That would probably be Group B. We don't doubt Global but they seem to have strong opponents. Apart from 1Dink, who we almost lost against, Syron and Hollows are strong and promising teams to be showing good and hopefully close matches.

Any final words to your fans, or shoutouts to begin the year?

Shoutout to Hench(hyorak), EvilNess, KirScHii and ILSIHawk for subbing and shoutout to all the old AVA players who might read this: start playing active again!

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Responses have been slightly edited for grammatical clarity.