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Nefaste on the Winter League 2016
By: Ink - March 3rd 2016
Discovering the Competition

Nefaste took to Group A by storm. Emerging as the second best team in the group to shut out Vectikz and Chimiya. Still falling short of a victory over RokaHeat, Nefaste looked full of potential heading into the Playoffs. Unfortunately, the team has disbanded and forfeited their playoff match against Celsia.

Kiisa provides us with the details on what went right during the group stage, and how the team fell apart right before the playoffs!

Can you go into detail the history of Nefaste, and how the team formed?

There isn't much to say about this. Zippy was searching a new ESL team to play with, then about 2 months ago he started contacting some players. All of us were ready to join a new team and we did it!

What is the roster of Nefaste, and each player's role on the team?

The current main roster is: Me1998, Spexity, lxVintage, Zippy and me (Kiisa).

Zippy is our main scope, he doesn't like to push, in fact he's a defensive scope, but that doesn't means he doesn't know how to push. Spexity and me are the main Rifles, often searching for entry peeks if possible. lxVintage is our main Pointman, pushing where the caller states. Me1998 is definitively our best player, he can adapt at every situation and he can play every role, this is maybe due that he played in IeSF Romania 2013 too!

Nefaste made it out of the groups with a score of 2-1, taking second. There was a lot of debate about which of the three teams would prevail in Group A. How does it feel to be the team to emerge from the predictions and negativity over Vectikz and Chimiya?

Honestly, we were sure that we were going to be at least second in the group stage. This isn't due that we were feeling better than them but that is due that we already have played against them, and we knew their weakness and how to play against them. Yea, it feels great to emerge from the negative predictions.

Nefaste keeping it close verse Chimiya on Airplane.

Speaking of, how did the specific matches against Vectikz, and Chimiya go? Were they difficult games, and did they show any weaknesses in the team?

No, they weren't hard matches, like I already said; we knew how to play against them. They showed up some weakness too. In my opinion, they weren't playing like a solid team and they should grow their individual skills too.

In your final group stage game you played against RokaHeat. RokaHeat can be a wildly different team due to their consistency issues. What RokaHeat did you face off against, and what happened in the match according to your perspective?

It was total chaos. We weren't focused on the game, no one was calling anything. Maybe we were tired, or maybe it just was our bad day. We were going to win on the first map, but for some small mistakes we didn't, then we started thinking negatively and we performed worse than ever before.

What have you learned about Bo5 series that you will take to the Playoffs?

It's really different from a Bo3 series. Here you need to focus for more time and not everyone is able to do it

Nefaste will be taking on Celsia in round 1 of the Playoffs. A tough break but the competition is much more concentrated in this third stage of the season. Where is the team's mentality knowing they have to play Celsia right off the bat?

Celsia is the best team with Global at the moment. Almost no one can beat them if not their selves, but that doesn't means that someone sooner or later will not beat them with or without luck.

When Nefaste first registered for the Winter League, what were the goals of the team? Were you expecting to even make Playoffs?

Well, the goals of the teams were reaching at least 4th place in the Winter League, and win some ESL Cup 5v5. We have already reached one of these and who know, maybe we will reach the other too!

What are your thoughts on the Winter League and seasonal event format in general?

The Winter League is a really good tourney where good players can show their skills. It is amazing that you're putting new cups for A.V.A, that means that the competitive of this game is growing a lot!

What are Nefaste's plans after the Winter League?

Well, this is bad story. After losing against RH team, all of us were mad and we started blaming each other, till two guys ( Spexity and lxVintage ) left the clan. Then me and Me1998 left the team as well and went back to Core7 team. Definitively I think we're going to disband this team so everyone will go their own way. Me1998 and me will return to our old team and I'm not sure what others will do. I think that we aren't going to play vs Celsia too.

Any final shoutouts to your fans or supporters?

Thanks if you supported us! :)

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Responses have been slightly edited for grammatical clarity.