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Global Picks up Cyphez and Kimpah
By: Ink - Jan. 18th 2016
Pace Change for Global

The seasoned Global of 2015 is no more as the team has gone through with two roster moves. kRoon and PetaWeys will be leaving the team in place for previous Andromeda members Cyphez and Kimpah. The roster is now:

  • I3PI
  • taZ
  • Delkore
  • Cyphez
  • Kimpah

PetaWeys and kRoon Leave the Team

PetaWeys was an original member of Global, having played with taZ in the first few A-Cups. kRoon was a mid-season pickup which preceded Global's dark horse performance in the later half of the AWC season. Here's what i3P1 had to say about their leave.

"kRoon has a CS:GO team and has practice on Sundays now, so no time for cups anymore. We made an agreement to remove him from the roster. PetaWeys is ofc an amazing player and Cyphez/Kim won't be able to replace his support but his goals and motivation weren't that big since last year December, after we won the qualifier, so we made an agreement with him, no one was kicked." - i3P1

Delkore also shared his thoughts on his teammates leaving the roster.

"I'm really sad about Peta leaving because I met him in real life and he is a really nice guy I was big with him. Ofc, I was big with everyone in the team but he was the guy I met and that always means something else. About kRoon I'm also a bit sad because he was a nice guy and a strong rifle. His communication was always perfect in my eyes, its hard to have a player like him. Anyways, I have wished both of them good luck in everything and a big thanks to them." - xDelkore

Enter Cyphez and Kimpah

A single roster change has a large impact on a team's synergy and identity. With two roster changes, it is arguable that an entirely new team has formed, incomparable to previous iterations. Especially with the consistency of a rifle like kRoon being removed from the team's strengths.

i3P1 mulled over these musings and provided us with his thoughts.

"The question was: who can replace aim and brain and has experience like kRoon? There was only one answer: CypheZ. We spoke for 3 weeks with him before he was sure to make a trial phase. We lost with kRoon a player which can utilize the scope. I was the person in the team who said, lets speak to Kimpah, if he is still motivated; but nobody was sure which class he should play, our scopes are Delkore and taZ so we tried him out as a PM/Rifle and it worked from the first moment.

We can now play fast pushes with 2x x95r or play on picks and Kimpah provides the scopes backup. We knew that Kimpah got worse and worse cause of the caller on Andromeda, he was forced to play like the caller wants. We use Kimpah like we should use: do what you want and it works. Cyphez replaces kRoons aim/brain. Kimpah opened some new tactics for us and ofc he can pick up the scope as well, like u saw in the eBoat cup. taZ missed and Kimpah owned with scope." - i3P1

Cyphez and Kimpah performing well in the ESL eBoat cup last weekend.

Delkore provided a different perspective as a scope, he views Kimpah as a player to relieve pressure on everyone.

"It is always nice to have a guy in the team that can win rounds by themselves when someone else fails. Kimpah is one of a few players that can do this, so I feel more confident having such guy in my team." - xDelkore

Kimpah's Perspective

Many rumours had spread through the community that Kimpah had finally left the game. The news of his placement on Global hushed these rumours for at least 2016. When asked what Kim's original plans were for the year, he explained how he ended up on Global.

"I was actually not sure about continuing to play the game. I would not have created a new team on my own, takes too much focus from my own play just trying to get a playstyle working. I got contacted by another team a couple of days before taZ contacted me, which I was thinking about joining but I wasn't 100%. Then taZ asked me and I could just not resist that offer since the lineup is pretty sick, it's more of a "CrackHeads"-like lineup with true firepower, with the addition that people have really good game sense in this team. I didn't feel like I lived up to any standards last year and want to take this year to prove it to myself and after that maybe I can put away the keyboard :')" - Kimpah

Through the 2015 season Kimpah had definitely experienced a slump. However, the chains of competition have once again drawn Kimpah back to the scene on yet another promising team. Kimpah has played every role, and has been known to use a wide array of styles. It is anyone's guess on how Kimpah will play for Global. We asked Kimpah what he thought his role was.

"That's the sweet part, it's nothing like in Andromeda. Again it's more like in CrackHeads, they let me do what I want. I'm not the teams leader nor the IGL/entry-fragger/scope/lurker. I'm in an almost 100% free role where I can use whatever class and play like I feel like. Last year I felt too trapped in my role and felt too much pressure with scoping being my only option. So I'm super excited about getting to use my own head again and we'll just have to wait and see what damage I can do to the other teams." - Kimpah

Global for 2016

Brimming with confidence Kimpah, Cyphez, and the rest of Global will set to take on the usual competition on ESL, and have a focus for the international qualifiers as always. Here's some insight from i3P1 on what you may expect from this new Global.

"Everyone in this team is now able to clutch everything. So much experience in one team and making midround calls. To play in this lineup is the best feeling I've had yet in the game. I didn't think that there would be a more comfortable team than we had before with Peta and kRoon but these 2 bring so much confidence and motivation. Its fun to play with them and very enjoyable. Individually I think we got the best lineup, now its up to us to improve the team play and communication. Performances so far have been stunning from Cyphez and Kim, I didn't expect them to be that sick in the beginning but I think they feel good in the roster." - i3P1

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