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FirePizza and the Winter League 2016
By: Ink - February 9th 2016
Aiming for the Top

FirePizza is a prominent new team with a roster heavily full of experienced players. Leading the team is ManGhost who competed at AWC Japan 2015 under Global's banner. Fellow team member Petaweys also competed for Global but has subsequently been removed from FirePizza.

Misiek captivates the roster's potential in his own uprising skill. Prominent players Zeq and Anjuu are also on the roster. It is anyone's guess if this roster has the capabilities to be a top team, but they certainly have the individual performance to turn heads. ManGhost gave us a peek into the team's structure and their hopeful performance.

Where did this crazy name FirePizza come from?

We had to make a team as fast as possible for ESL. We were with 5 guys in TS3 and no one could think of a name for 2 hours. So King Zeq was done with the discussion and just put FirePizza as name, lol.

You were on Global as a sub, but Petaweys was a starter. How did you two stay together to form firePizza?

Since Peta got kicked, and I had no team we talked with each other, BUT I've had to kick Peta recently because he has no time. :(

Your first few competitions were the Tuesday demo cups, but your performances were below what they were in the recent weekend demo. What prompted FirePizza to perform so well to knock Global to the LB?

Its all about confidence. If you have it as a team you can achieve anything (and we did not even play with main team - only me and Missiek were main team).

ManGhost's personality was contagious at AWC.

What is the structure of FirePizza; what's the role for each player?

I am trying to be more aggressive as a scope. Zeq is more of a back up scope for clutch situations and such. Missiek can play pretty much each class so he switches a ton. Wolfex our Pointman tries to make it hard and annoying to play against us, since hes the king of UAVing (not to mention he knows how to push). Anyu is a beast rifle and also a good back up while I am scoping. We kicked Petaway out of the team because he has a busy life so he can't practice with us at night, so that's not gonna work out.

How do you think FirePizza stacks up against Celsia and Global, as well as RokaHeat?

As individual skill I think we are all on the same level, but teams like Celsia have chemistry and tactics. So its kinda hard to adapt to that since we are a new team, but I think if we put in some time to practice tactics, nade spots, smokes, UAV, pushes...etc, we can force close games.

Where can we expect to see FirePizza shine?

All 5 players are strong so expect the unexpected! :D

Missiiek is labeled as one of the most promising upcoming players, how do you think he'll perform in the coming Winter League?

I think Missiek will perform well. Missiek is an absolute beast at any class. He has never disappointed me and always has this winning mentality, that's what I need in my team!

What are your personal thoughts on the Winter League?

I'm not a guy that checks ESL webpage and will read the whole Winter League blabble, I've heard there is a league and my team wanted to play so here I am! But seriously, I think it's nice, making the game more alive. :D

Your group for the Winter League has GoMayhem and and ThugsInPJs, what do you think of these teams?

I think they are like poop under my feet EZZ GAMES NOOOBS. No, but I think they are decent teams who can do some damage to us if we are not focused so we def have to look out for them.

Who do you think has the hardest group to make it out of?

I've seen the groups and I think they are very even.

Any final shoutouts?

I would like to do a shoutout to team Global again, I can't thank them enough for letting me play in Tokyo and also had a great time there. Its every AVA players dream to compete against the best teams in the world! ALSO Shoutout to my DUTCH BOYS ON AVA!

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Responses have been slightly edited for grammatical clarity.