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eRaquR on the Winter League 2016
By: Ink - March 6th 2016
Maneuvering the Challenges

eRaquR garnered some of the most hype of the four second seeded teams from the group stage of the Winter League. A solid win over GoMayhem prospered into doubt over FirePizza's ability to 3-0 the German team. Unfortunately, FirePizza made it true, and eRaquR would be set to face Global in the first round of playoffs.

Team scope Rosiii provided us with the details on eRaquR as a whole, their strategies and mentality, and how they thought they would perform against Global.

Please note the following interview was conducted a day prior to the Global match.

Who is eRaquR and how did the team form? You've garnered lots of fans that would like to know!

I was talking to some mates from my old ESL team eVVox (bRaVVe, G3NTIX, IKonsYI) to make a new ESL team. We completed our team by adding kReggah and Synex3D.

We've seen a few games from eRaquR throughout the season. What are the definitive roles of eRaquR's members and their purpose on the team?

So first we have our main rifles IKonsYI and kReggah; they are always trying to get the first peeks or have to do the most frags. G3NTIX is also an important player; he is one of our main Pointmans to make sure that we have enough map control, but if we need a rifle then he is our man for getting more frags. And then there is bRaVVe, he is also one of our main Pointmans, but his style of playing is different; He is our sneaky beaky and clutch-player, in-game caller, and if it's needed, he can scope. And the last person in the Team is Rosiii, that's me, I'm the main scope, my job is to take the enemy scopes out. Also I'm calling the strats in the first few seconds of the round. We have syn3xd which is our sub player, if someone can't play on game day. He is an aggressive Pointman to make first peeks or to get as many frags as rifle.

Who would you state as the star or heavy impact players on your squad? The players to rely on when the match gets tough!

We don't have a star-player, we win as a team or we lose as a team. Everyone has their individual skills and performs them in the team. We don't care about who is top frag or bottom frag, for us we just count the win!

eRaquR's eventual performance against Global went by with no upsets.

Your first victory was an upset over GoMayhem (now WhoKers). This truly cemented eRaquR as a real threat, and not just a ball of potential hype. How did the match unfold, and what was your reaction to winning?

As newcomer it's always hard but we knew we had chances to win vs GoMayhem. Maybe most don't know but we beat them with our team eVVoX many cups ago before, and we counted ourselves on the same level as GoMayhem. The 3-0 was a surprise for us as well, but after we had the 1st map our mentality was so good. We played as a team, stayed calm, and got the 2nd map. After that we were only focused on finishing the games, motivated each other, and it worked out for us. We were happy to perform this well verse such a good team.

TIP didn't play at all so your only other match was against FirePizza. This was a 3-0 loss for eRaquR. Was your aiming to win the series, just win a map or two, or even just perform well? What was the mentality of the team heading into this game?

Of course we thought about winning the series but we also knew we were not the best team at all. We have to practice a lot and play more tournaments to get experience. Our aim is always to win, but we are satisfied that we qualified for the end round of the tournament. Now we'll see if we can mess with the best other teams. Also winning one or two maps is always good for mentality but we tried our best, but on the day vs FirePizza we couldn't really show our potential. Before the game we thought about winning but it all was depending on how we perform on this day. We know FirePizza is a strong team and they showed everything they had.

Group stage was Bo5 with a 10wins/9round format. How different or harder is it to play a Bo5 series versus a Bo3 series? Did you like this type of format?

For us it was very knew because you have to stay focused so much longer and on point without much breaks. We enjoyed it playing but to find times where both teams can play this many maps, was kind a hard. But it worked and it was an important experience to get and take for upcoming tournaments.

Playoffs are right around the corner, and your first game is against Global. How does it feel to be placed against a definitive top 2 team in the QF in a SE bracket?

Yes we know they are one of the top teams but in the end there is always the best teams. We can see if we have the performance to compete on the same high level. Global is a hard enemy to face with but we will try our best to beat them. I think they are surprised like many others that we got to the end round and I think they have respect to play against new teams. Maybe they'll feel a bit scared and take it seriously.

Knowing you play Global, is eRaquR preparing for a match win, and if so, how is eRaquR preparing for victory?

We try our best to be prepared but it is hard for us to get all 6 players on at the same time because of different work schedules. We try to practice as much as we can as team. Like we spoke about some tactics in practice from map to map always to find something new or problems we try to fix. Also we did some scrims to test if it works and get some more experience. Then on game day we do our best to be victorious.

What are your thoughts on the entire Winter League and the seasonal event format?

The Winter League is pretty cool, it is much different than the normal standard cups. It is a different kind of game style because of the many maps and many rounds to play. Also to decide the game day between the two competing teams is something new and we hope for some other Cups/Leagues like this. To have some different tournaments is always better to only have one standard.

Any final shoutouts to your fans or supporters?

We are always thankful to get support from fans. It is hard for a new Team to perform vs such known teams, so most of the time we get hate. To hear you played very well and that we are a good team is always nice to hear. So thanks to all eRaquR fans and supporters! To our clan mates and friends: WE LOVE YOU TOO!

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Responses have been slightly edited for grammatical clarity.