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Celsia's Perspective for Early 2016
By: Ink - Jan. 28th 2016
Improving a Consistent Team

Celsia's performance throughout 2015 earned them the title of most consistent top team. An accurate description that may even qualify as a curse. In the first half of 2015 Celsia was snubbed three times by Andromeda in the early A-Point cups. Celsia was able to defeat Andromeda in many WB Finals, but the Grand Finals always seemed out of grasp. We saw a range of issues that permeated throughout the year including choke-level performances or simply being unprepared.

Celsia managed to claim the fourth A-Point cup after Andromeda was eliminated early in the LB to RokaHeat. They took this Grand Final 3-0. However, the dark horse Global emerged and became the new enemy of Celsia's hopeful first place dreams. With similar close Grand Final games, Global resumed what Andromeda had started. Celsia would end the season with five second place finishes and just one cup win.

AWC Japan 2015 also stands as another snub for Celsia's chance to shine. Many players shared the opinion that Celsia may hold an upper hand in the Asian scene due to their teamwork focused play style. Unfortunately, no detailed analysis of Celsia's performance was suitable, as they took on some of the toughest competitors in the early stages of the event. Being completely outclassed by clanHeat White and aHQ, Celsia left with only one map win against Asurabalbata.

Celsia seemed to be under a spell of bad luck throughout the year. Will 2016 be the year Celsia claims multiple big first place finishes, or will this year's new competitors force a repeat of 2015? Take a peek into what Timmy had to say about his team, the ESL Winter League, and their goals for the year.

When You Need a Scope

Timmy is Celsia's main scope, which he certainly showed in AP2 to AP4 in 2015. Although Ciboulette is the de facto team leader, Timmy shares a unique perspective within the scene to share his thoughts on what Celsia is trying to achieve. A quick chat with Timmy revealed several exciting factors for the upcoming year.

AWC Japan finished just a month ago. What was the biggest take away for Celsia as a team at AWC? Was Celsia's performance at AWC acceptable?

In AWC we basically had the worst possible group. Playing 1-1 against Asurabalbata was a disappointment, because we had the feeling we could beat them. aHQ and clanHeat White on the other side were just above our level and we don't feel we're to blame for losing against them. Their group pushes baffled us and are something we've taken notes of already.

How will Celsia take what they learned from AWC and apply it to the Winter League? Changes in play styles, refining what already works...etc?

We've changed some strategies, but not many. If we can perform our old tactics as a group while constantly making use of the buddy-system (making one on one trade kills) it would already be a huge improvement.

Timmy at AWC Japan 2015.

The Winter League is a different format for AVA. You've had previous experience with this type of format with Netherlands in NC2015 however.

Do you think other teams will be able to keep up with the weekly but longer matches?

I do not expect many teams to have the consistency to play every week. Sadly, I expect a decreasing amount of teams to participate in the upcoming seasonal leagues.

What do you think of the round format, and the Bo5 matches?

I enjoy seeing such formats, because it's finally something new! Especially the qualifier is something to look out for, because Bo5 matches are totally different than regular Bo3s.

Global recently picked up Kimpah and Cyphez. Is it essentially a new team, do you think they may play the same, and is their performance set to improve?

Adding new players to a team, even if they are "big named" players, won't immediately, or even mean at all that it will, be a good team. Yes, it might help them win the rounds, with individual performance, but I don't see them winning the important games. I don't think Global will have a good chemistry, whether it comes to gameplay, or even when just hanging around with each other. The team just seems so forced.

Global became the best team in the last few AWC cups, and technically performed better than Celsia. Do you agree that Global was the best team looking back?

Their lineup was changing so rapidly it was hard to tell what team Global actually was. Celsia was quite sure of qualification already so the last 5 cups we only tried hard to reach the GF and from there we just played for fun.

The Celsia roster has remained stable for all of 2015, with only a slight issue with Doliprane. What will the roster be heading into the Winter League, and what role does everyone have?

Our lineup will contain 3 rifles possibly changing to a Pointman: Doliprane, ManKii and Coldownerr. I'll be scoping and Ciboulette will fulfill the role of Pointman.

What would Celsia like to achieve in 2016? Four seasonal leagues, possibly two international qualifiers, and the usual ESL events. Where is Celsia heading?

Our main goal will be qualifying for both international events. The seasonal leagues will be our second priority, as ESL Premium is something we all like, and the monthly cups will basically be practice.

Any final words to your fans, or shoutouts to begin the year?

Shoutout to the fans that follow us on our new Facebook page & Youtube and let's hope we can make another great Celsiastic year.

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Responses have been slightly edited for grammatical clarity.